Sunday, July 7, 2019



[Note: We saw that another testing is not showing dangerous
of the Paradise water system. Because we do not know the evidence,
we simply cannot tell if whatever is being stated is accurate.]
Andy Whelton
I am a professor on a Purdue University team who was in Paradise last week helping evaluate the drinking water system. We have been speaking with the PID as well as the county, state, and federal agencies.
We (the Purdue University team) are seeking to obtain a copy of drinking water testing results from building owners and homeowners who live in Paradise, persons in Butte County whose properties were also damaged by the fire. 
Homeowners in Paradise indicated they are having their own building water tested paid by themselves or insurance companies.
We are looking to learn what other people are finding inside buildings, and if they would be willing to share that information. Any assistance is appreciated.

The Purdue University team is looking to understand the chemicals in the affected building plumbing and wells. 
In the past I have assisted homeowners, community groups, water utilities, states, and federal agencies following water contamination incidents.
Reviewing this water testing information may be helpful in understanding building plumbing issues, if there are any. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Andrew Whelton (please email me at, Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental, and Ecological Engineering, Purdue University


all content here was seen on the Paradise Facebook. We personally do not participate in Facebook but this is newsworthy so here IS THE LINK:
Al Swanson
The current Town Council was elected to run an existing town, not rebuild or build a new one. They not only lack the skills and knowledge, but have conflicts of interest that prevent them from being objective. Proof exists in the surveys they created! The people who lived here want to return HERE, not some newly imagined place created by a think tank and five people who should be focused on the PEOPLE, not the buildings. The people elected them - not the builders waiting to make their millions.
Jones proved she has ulterior motives when she traveled to DC funded by Butte County Realtors and with no Council consensus. Schuster used a ToP post to promote her husband's water treatment company.
At the very least, they should resign to allow new members. Since that might create a large distraction and delays, put all changes before the citizens in a vote. The Council should also be permanently excluded from financial gain as a result of changes they pass. An oversight committee of experts and citizens should be appointed.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Butte Strong Paralegal+Pets Paradise Non Profit (530) 497-0777

After the Camp Fire,  just about every legal related business evacuated or moved to Chico or elsewhere.  With fewer residents, businesses such as restaurants in Paradise face huge issues with the water that is or is not available. If Federal funding does or does not come through, will likely make a difference in the town's recovery.

But for the population that remains, they are almost virtually dependent on having to DRIVE to either Chico or Oroville to hand file legal or quasi legal documents, since very few paralegal or legal businesses are known to serve clients on the ridge, Paradise, Magalia, etc.--at this time.

For that reason, we decided to use a non profit based entity for paralegal and limited legal services, with the goal being community service to  non-served areas severely impacted by the Camp Fire. 

We have not finalized everything yet but attorney can  be contacted at 530 797 6006;  attorney is local to the Ridge area and very familiar with what is happening at the burned site. We usually work with family law and domestic violence cases, animal law issues and more....

Basically we can provide services similar to that of the Oroville or Chico SHARP offices, BUT our services are not free. Services are provided on sliding scale, and we work to see that clients do not commit huge errors, gross mistakes, inappropriate assumptions, or misstatements of facts, and the like. Most self represented clients do not know the law and therefore unless they are able to navigate the law themselves;  it is common for them to file documents that are completely non-effective.  Our background in larger cities,  experience with many issues, and common sense coupled with navigation of the legal issues will help most people with their issues.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019



PG&E Safety Alert: We will shut off power in your community To protect public safety, PG&E will turn off power around 9 p.m. tonight, Saturday, June 8, in portions of Butte, Yuba, Nevada, El Dorado and Placer counties.
(no--it was NOT in large font letters---we just did this to show you how much notice they give people!!!!!)

 We have been reaching out to customers asking that they prepare emergency plans and supplies. Power will remain off until weather conditions improve and it is safe to restore service. Most customers are expected to be restored by midday on June 10 or midday on June 11 depending on damage. 

We will continue to monitor conditions and will contact you with further updates. If you see a downed power line, assume it is energized and extremely dangerous and call 911 immediately. For more information visit or call 1-800-743-5002. Thank you


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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Paralegal or Attorney Help-- call for Help Today! Free Consultation

            Do you need help on your case and don't understand what to do?
            Most of our clients in family law, for example, already have started their cases but then
get lost following up with the documents that are required to get a judgment. The SHARP office in
Chico does have personnel who will help people at no cost. However not everyone who has used the SHARP office understands what they actually did.  For contested cases which require litigation, it is not the best idea to try and handle the case yourself unless the case is blatantly obvious and doesn't require any legal theory.
            Our attorney oversees all the work that goes out, including your case if you
decide to have us help you.  Our fees are very competitive and are adjusted by income. We do  not work without charge, however, we use a sliding scale adjustment depending on the difficulty of the work and the income of both parties.

Apr 20, 2019 - Paralegal help,moderate means based;attorney supervised with 25+ yr. experience;family ... Butte Strong Paralegal+Pets Paradise Non Profit


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Domestic Violence Cases and Privacy

Do most people really understand Domestic Violence Law?   Probably NOT.

There are key privacy and personal issues involved in most domestic violence cases, and this includes actions involving using improper actions to manipulate, move, or otherwise take personal data, compromising datasets, private information, and most data or photos stored on a device-- including phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, etc.  In particular, we are finding more and more cases where litigants just can't help themselves when it comes to issues involving "sex" or sexual data, even if it's just texting--no pictures....further, we are seeing more cases of illegal interception of private data---and this is a super huge area of concern, or should be, to most attorneys.  Many new cases spring up when marital partners find out their partners have been cheating on them when they find out by synced messages?  How awful is that?

Data storage and data movement, electronic storage,etc---"syncing"--- is a huge issue. Normally it is not recommended, as we are finding that many people simply do not realize the ramifications of the actual movement of data. When people buy new phones, change carriers, add on tablets, etc--this opens the door wide for misuse of one's privacy, period.  We cannot overstate this enough. It is never actually necessary to "sync" anything--- but people fall prey to it because it seems easy enough to do.

If everyone realized how very dangerous it was, they would not be using that feature, and furthermore, using it when one doesn't know how it even works?

There are key family law cases involving such issues, normally there are privacy and personal issues, secret data, x rated photos, and the like. None of these things are what one will want in a divorce, or in any break-up, as they will become NON private issues quite quickly.  And if by some chance such data is filed with a TRO or DV TRO--- you will need to petition the Court to remove it. If it was "e-filed" all we can say is, good luck!!  It will cost time, money, and a lot of sweat. Furthermore, you will be totally embarrassed for life.  THINK before you start doing such things!!! We have key cases that touch on all of these issues.  If you have made a mistake, call us. We may be able to help you fix the blunders, or the wrong actions of another.  We can provide both legal advice and paralegal help.

PGE Says: Wildfire Blackouts Plan!!

     Apparently, PG&E knew about their faulty power lines for years. In 2013, PG&E workers noticed that one of their lines (the Caribou-Palermo line) sagged considerably and that several trees were encroaching upon it. Work was scheduled to have been completed by February 2016 and cost upwards of $30.3 million, but the project was continuously delayed. Then they were going to start the repair project in 2014. The project never happened. Then they were going to repair the line in 2015. The repairs still didn’t come.
     Finally, in 2018, PG&E told federal regulators that their work would begin in June and finish up late in the year. That would-be work also never started and in a matter of months the perpetual putting off would be too late, WSJ previously reported. And on Nov. 8, 2018, “winds picked up before sunrise near Paradise, Calif., when a wire snapped free from the Caribou-Palermo line, creating an electric arc that scorched the metal tower supporting it.” A fire started under the line, and within hours, a fire, the “Camp Fire” ravaged Paradise and killed 85 people.
     After the wildfires, PG&E declared bankruptcy to insulate itself from the damages. In announcing their bankruptcy protection scheme, PG&E cited hundreds of civil lawsuits filed by victims from wildfires that occurred in 2017 and 2018. Those lawsuits will now be consolidated into bankruptcy court where victims will likely receive less money than had their legal actions played out in regular state or federal civil courts.

PGE says it could cut power to more than 5 million people when the risk
of wildfires is high. Supposedly the blackouts will happen on Red Flag

Warning days proclaimed by the National Weather Service when the
winds are sustained at 25mph/gusting up to 45mph or higher, humidity below
20% and dry fuel and soil conditions.
The power could be out for up to 5 days.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Teaching Kids about Dog Safety

Many children live in households with dogs but are kids are not trained on how to be safe with dogs....all children should be taught dog safety so that they can properly interact with animals either in the home or even stray animals.

Many animals may NOT be safe to approach or pet, but kids without dog safety training may harm themselves and provoke dogs without realizing it. Stray cats are a different issue as they may carry certain diseases that will be harmful to humans. Cat bites are never a good thing; and dog bites or worse are obviously to be avoided.

In the future we will make available, classes or demonstrations for kids that show them how to be safe with dogs. Some elementary schools already provide this information, but if your kids have not been trained in dog safety, parents should ensure that they receive the proper information to reduce dog bites. Most children harmed by dogs have not had any safety training with dogs, and do not realize their actions can or will cause harm to themselves.